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White Shining Winning Smile

April 28, 2015|  

We all want a great smile. For many of us that means a white smile. But we do so much to yellow and stain our teeth that a really white bright smile may seem out of reach. With so many options these days to whiten our teeth, a whiter smile is something everyone can have.

The first step in a whiter smile is deciding whether the whitening process is something you can handle at home or something that will need some professional assistance. Let’s first look at the at home options. There are many over the counter options today. “OTC teeth whitening products are the most convenient and cheapest products used for whitening and bleaching your teeth.” The results vary from immediate to none at all. Then there are professional level at home treatments.

“Dentists from all over the world believe that professional take-home cosmetic whitening sets surely produce excellent effects over the time.” These meet with generally good results but do require you sleeping with the gel on your teeth overnight which can be uncomfortable for some. Lastly, there is the professional whitening which can be done in your dentist’s office. “The peroxide gel is left on your teeth for several intervals of 15 to 20 minutes, which mostly sums up to an hour.” This also provides immediate results.

Teeth whitening can help you achieve the whiter smile you want. The best way to start the process is with a trip to see your dentist to help decide the best option for your teeth and you.
Oh, BTW, have you seen our process?

Teeth Whitening by Cary Dentist Dr. Andrews

CaryDentist Mark Andrews, DDS is wonderful. He gave Pammy Peters, Miss Teen NC 2014 her #WinningSmile through whitening treatments. Learn More About Mark: See Some Dental Testimonials: Locate Dr. Andrews office at:,+DDS/@35.781484,-78.839519,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xfc9a87bd4d786bb0 Press Release for Mark Andrews, DDS


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