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Teeth are one Significant Sign of Beauty

October 29, 2015|  

Aesthetics, how we judge beauty, is more than a branch of philosophy. In practical terms, what we see as beautiful influences how we act, who we associate with and how we dress and present ourselves. One of the major factors in judging beauty in American as well as other cultures is our teeth. As a result our oral practices reach beyond health and into many other areas of our lives. Teeth have a pure anatomical function to make food ready to swallow but do so much more. “However, there is so much more than just their[teeth’s] role in mastication, lately, perfectly aligned pearly whites have become a sign of beauty. How attractive we perceive ourselves to be has a direct influence in how we relate to other people and how we see ourselves in the world. Having misaligned teeth can make a person become self-conscious about the look of their smile. It can affect the way they interact with others and can affect the way they choose to behave in social settings. They could feel discouraged when interacting with strangers and might become shy.” The roles our dentists play in our lives, then, have far reaching consequences. Good dental health leads to better overall health but that’s just the beginning. Superb work can make our mouths one of our best features and give us more confidence as well as a more pleasing appearance. That may lead to more opportunities in life including job offers, a wider selection of mates and circles of friends. Source: Picture Credit: Mais Hamdan Devaint Art by A7MDTikO This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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