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If you’ve developed a toothache, you might not be exactly sure where the pain is coming from. Sometimes a patient might be sure that it’s an upper molar that’s hurting when in fact the problem is stemming from a lower bicuspid. Sometimes a toothache can be coming from the jaw, a swollen lymph node near … Continue reading Where Is Your Toothache Coming From?

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Vacation should be a time of relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, some people on vacation experience dental emergencies. A dental emergency can take the form of a chipped tooth, lost filling or toothache. No one wants to deal with this at any time, but it can be particularly stressful to have a dental emergency while … Continue reading Dealing With a Dental Emergency While Away From Home

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Do you often wake up with a headache or an aching pain in your jaw or molars? Does your sleep partner complain that you are making noises that wake up him or her? Are you always at the dentist getting yet another filling repaired? If so, you might be clenching and grinding your teeth while … Continue reading Clenching and Grinding: What You Should Know About Bruxism

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