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There is a lot of folklore when it comes to health topics, and dental topics are no exception. Take a look at this list of common dental myths and see how many you believe! Bleeding Gums Means You Need to Brush or Floss Less Nope! The opposite is true, actually. Most of the time, bleeding … Continue reading Do You Believe These Dental Myths?

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During certain times of a woman’s life, her dental health needs change. Hormone fluctuations are responsible for most of the changes. It’s actually possible to plan dental work around these fluctuations in some cases. There are also dental-health-related medical issues that are more common in women than in men. Read on to find out more … Continue reading Dental Health for Women

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You already know that it’s important to brush and floss regularly to keep your smile looking great. There are also veneers, braces and whitening procedures that can make your teeth shine and appear the way you want them to. What you might not be aware of, however, is that certain illnesses, conditions and medications can … Continue reading Conditions That Can Affect Your Smile

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