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pediatric dentistry

  School’s in for much of the country. If you’re getting back into the swing of things because you have children who attend school, now’s a great time to get them into the routines that will help them be successful. This includes creating good routines for their dental health. Read on for some tips on … Continue reading Back to School Tips for Better Dental Health

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There is a lot to know when it comes to keeping your child healthy. One part of your child’s health that you should not neglect is his or her teeth and gums. You already know that you need to brush your child’s teeth regularly, and that’s a great start, but there are other things you … Continue reading How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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If you’ve recently brought your child to the dentist for a routine checkup, you might have been advised to have dental sealants put on his or her teeth. Dental sealants are a type of preventative dental care: They seal the biting surfaces of the permanent molars so decay has a hard time taking hold. Usually … Continue reading Dental Sealants: Are They Right for Your Child?

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