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You already know that smoking is bad for your heart and your lungs. Did you know that it’s also bad for your oral health? You might think that smoking only affects your dental health in the sense that it gives you halitosis, or bad breath. What you might not know is that there are other … Continue reading How Smoking Affects the Teeth

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When you go to your dentist for routine cleanings and checkups, he or she is looking at the health of your gums and whether you have any cavities. Did you know that your exam also includes a cancer screening? The signs of oral cancer can be overlooked by many people, so your dentist will be … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

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You probably don’t pay too much attention to the way your tongue, inner lips and inner cheeks feel. That is, unless you notice something feels or looks different! There are many mild conditions that can cause lumps or bumps in your mouth. Unfortunately, changes in your oral tissue can also be a symptom of more … Continue reading Lumps and Bumps in Your Mouth

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