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May 27, 2015|   By Bob Walton

If you have sensitive teeth, you know the power it can hold over your life. Hot, cold, and even sweet can set your eyes to watering and make you dread even considering another bite. Surely, there has to be something to make it where you can enjoy the foods you love again without letting everything reach room temperature and selecting only the blandest of fair.

The first step is to get a toothbrush and toothpaste with sensitive teeth in mind. “Usually, whitening toothpaste and tartar control toothpaste can worsen the situation, so use fluoridated toothpaste instead.” You also want to keep those bristles as soft as possible. Another culprit creating that sensitivity can be your diet. A lot of foods can add to the issue especially things that are high in acid. And, to make matters worse, you can be creating your own acid. “Starch and sugar left over in your mouth reacts with plaque, creating more acids.” Another often overlooked sensitivity cause is teeth grinding. This requires a visit to your dentist and a special mouth guard. Making sure to take good care of your teeth also helps lessen the sensitivity.

Taking the time to brush and floss using the right products as well as seeing your dentist regularly can go a long way towards curbing your sensitivity and bringing your life back to normal. Make the changes today and you’ll love all your favorite foods again in no time.


PHOTO: Paul Hudson – Toothache

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