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New Year, New Habits: Resolutions for 2017

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Do you typically make new year’s resolutions? These first-of-the-year promises to ourselves generally get broken; statistics show that only 8 percent of us are able to keep up the resolutions for a full year. In fact, most resolutions are dropped by the time the groundhog casts his shadow (or not). Still, if you keep your goals reasonable and you give it your best shot, maybe you can be one of the few who can pat themselves on the back next December. Here are a few resolutions you can make for better health (dental and otherwise) in the new year.

Floss Daily

You had to know this one was coming. Do you already floss every day? Be honest. Chances are fair that you don’t, and they’re even better that you know you should be doing it. Try making it easier on yourself: Keep the floss right next to your toothbrush. After all, you brush your teeth before bed every night, right? If the floss is right there at hand, you’re more likely to grab it and use it. Also, if you’re dealing with bleeding, sore gums when you floss, talk to your dentist. A good professional cleaning will get your gums on the path to healing, and you can improve them even further by continuing to floss.

Cut Down on Sugar

Not only will your teeth thank you for this, but so will your waistline — and even your heart. Too much sugar in the diet can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and, of course, tooth decay. It’s hard to give up the sweet stuff, but there are a few ways you can do it without too much suffering. Avoid presweetened foods like cereals and opt for the unsweetened varieties instead. Check labels and choose brands of various foods (like yogurt, bread, and jam) that contain less sugar. Try to cut out soft drinks from your diet, too; not only do these contain sugar, but they have enough calories to make it difficult to lose weight.

Keep Your Medical and Dental Appointments

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to keep on top of any health issues that come up. This means catching them early by scheduling and showing up for appointments for blood tests, checkups, and, yes, dental cleanings. Your doctor and dentist will be keeping an eye out for signs of various health conditions that can lead to bigger problems later. Don’t put this off: If you are due for these appointments, call today to schedule them!

Keeping your new year’s resolutions can be a challenge, but these three are simple enough that you might have good luck. Remember, if you slip up one day, that doesn’t mean that you should drop the resolution altogether. Instead, make a deal with yourself to start fresh as soon as you remember.

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