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Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Safe This Summer

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Creative Commons image by Chris Parfitt

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with the warm weather comes all sorts of fun: swimming, summer sports, and ice cold beverages, to name just a few. With the pleasures of the warmer weather come dangers to your children’s teeth, however. Here are some tips on keeping your kids’ teeth safe this summer without stopping them from having fun with their friends during the long, hazy weeks when they’re out of school.

Summer Sports: A Mouthguard Is Required

While you would surely buy your child a mouthguard if he or she were to join the baseball or football team at school or in your community, you might not even consider it if most of your child’s days will be spent playing ball with friends at the park. Even in a backyard game of baseball, however, a ball making contact with your child’s mouth could lead to a painful loose or lost tooth.

Purchase a mouthguard for your child, and encourage him or her to use it when playing contact sports or sports that involve balls thrown at high speeds. It should also be used when sparring at a summertime martial arts class. This could protect your kids’ teeth in the event of an injury.

Watch the Sugar

Sure, kids want to drink soda and eat ice cream all summer long, and aside from watching their sugar content, you might not be too worried about it. It’s fine if your kids want to indulge, but you do need to keep an eye not only on their consumption, but also on their oral health regimen. Although they’re coming home tired at the end of each day, don’t let them skip brushing and flossing, particularly if they’ve spent the afternoon chasing down the ice cream truck or enjoying cotton candy at a fair.

Insist on Safety

There are some activities that kids just need to be warned about. For example, not diving into a backyard pool can save their teeth, as well as their heads. Wearing a bike helmet while biking or skateboarding will keep their noggins safe and can potentially help them avoid a total face-plant, which can save their teeth. Kids of all ages need to be told how to keep themselves — and their teeth — in good condition while enjoying the summer weather and activities.

If your child is due for a cleaning and checkup this summer, please call the office now to set up an appointment, as they do fill up quickly this time of year!

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