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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause – Really?

October 29, 2015|  

What are the results of that short smooch? According to a recent study 80 million bacteria are transferred from one mouth to another with just one kiss. However, before you panic you need to know there are 100 trillion microorganisms (named the microbiome) floating and resting in your body. Some digest food, others prevent disease and others perform many other normal functions for us. What the study also found is that that more a couple engage in this romantic activity, the more similar the bacteria in their respective mouths become. “After taking swab samples to determine the composition of each individual’s oral microbiota on the tongue and in the saliva, the researchers found that when couples intimately kiss at high frequencies, their salivary microbiota become similar. In fact, nine intimate kisses per day was linked to couples having “significantly shared salivary microbiota.” The study makes one wonder how much more important kissing may be than we consider on a daily basis. In fact kissing is also involved in mate selection. So whether it is your romantic partner or Santa or another holiday character, next time you kiss, thing about how much you are sharing Photo Credit:

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