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Four Tips to Take Your Smile to the Next Level

October 29, 2015|  

With the increase in photos on the web and on our phones, whether from “selfies” or others snapping your picture, you can look fabulous. You can improve your smile. Here are a few tips: 1. Wear a “Parade” Smile Smile like those figures in a parade smile, gently & naturally. A great smile should be somewhat effortless and one you can comfortably hold for a while, a smile with your mouth slightly open and with a lower lip that mirrors the curve of your upper lip. 2. What You Have is Enough Even if you don’t have perfect teeth, your smile can light up the camera. “Just look at Tom Cruise and his off-center ivories, Garcia says. The midpoint between the actor’s two front teeth, which should line up with the center of his nose, is off to one side. It’s rather obvious, but when Cruise smiles, few people notice it.” 3. Care for Your Teeth and Gums You might want to whiten your teeth at a dentist’s office or use a product to bring your teeth back to their natural light color. Healthy gums augment a great smile. The contrast between white teeth and health gums improve any smile. 4. Practice, practice practice You can improve your smile with practice. If you have a big event coming up, spend some time in front of the mirror practicing the perfect smile. Turn your head to bring the best angle for your pearly whites to reflect your inner joy. Source: Picture Credit: Luke Lehrfeld at flicker

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