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TMD & TMJ Treatments

Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD) is disharmony in the joint that lies between the skull and lower jawbone. This condition may cause headaches or other facial pain and can restrict the movement of the lower jaw. At the office of Dr. Andrews we understand that our patients seeking TMJ/TMD in Cary, NC are often in pain and suffer from a variety of challenges that arise from having TMD. TMD is often influenced by psychological stress, hormones, the autonomic nervous system and the way the teeth come together. Dr. Andrews uses several methods to treat TMD. He creates splints that are worn to relax the jaw muscles and protect the teeth from wear. He also may re-contour certain portions of the teeth in order to allow them to come together more harmoniously.

With over 20 years of treating TMJ/TMD, Dr. Mark Andrews uses art and science to comfortably restore natural teeth and improve jaw joint movement. Many patients with advanced cases are referred to Dr. Andrews by other dentists and physicians. Dr. Mark Andrews uses the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat TMJ/TMD in Cary, NC for his patients. Through personal consultation with Dr. Andrews and his team, solution options to repair patient’s TMJ/TMD are carefully selected and planned.

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