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Periodontic Treatment

Gum disease affects a majority of adults over 30 years of age. Dr. Mark Andrews, DDS have been treating adults of all ages in need of periodontic treatment in Cary NC for over twenty years. Clinical studies have shown that inflamed gums (or “gingivae”) have been linked to increased incidence of heart attack, stroke, and pre-mature birth. We take periodontic treatment in Cary NC seriously.

There are several ways to treat periodontitis, depending on its severity. At Dr. Mark Andrews’ office, our periodontic treatment in Cary NC is done professionally and gently with the goal of thoroughly cleaning the pockets of bacteria and to prevent more damage. Dr. Andrews and his team of dental experts stress healthy dental habits as critical to long lasting great smiles. Our periodontic treatment is most successful when you adopt a daily routine of good oral care.

Dr. Andrews’ skilled hygienist will clean below the gum line to remove calcified plaque and bacteria as part of the periodontic treatment in Cary NC our patients receive. A local anesthetic is used to keep the patient comfortable while this procedure is performed. Patients are also taught how to prevent their gums from becoming infected again.

Dr. Andrews carefully reviews the severity of the periodontitis for each of his affected patients in Cary, NC.. For patients who periodontitis isn’t advanced, treatment can include less invasive procedures, including: scaling and root planning. Scaling removes tartar and bacteria from your tooth surfaces and beneath your gums. It may be performed using instruments or an ultrasonic device. Root planing smoothes the root surfaces, discouraging further buildup of tartar.

Regardless whether your condition is severe or mild, Dr. Mark Andrews will treat you as a member of his family.

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