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Even More Conservative Option than Porcelain Veneers?

October 29, 2015|  

Porcelain veneers are a conservative option for teeth which require a color change, elimination of “white spots,” and unsightly fracture lines. I really do think that dentists who value the preservation of as much healthy tooth structure as possible now have an even more non-invasive and less expensive approach that can work in many situations when porcelain veneers would have traditionally been indicated. For instance, one of my patients is the current Miss NC Teen USA, Pammy Peters. She will be competing in the Miss Teen USA pageant in the Bahamas this August. Although she is exceptionally beautiful, she did have a number of teeth which had decalcification or “white spots” on the surface her teeth. In preparing her for the Miss Teen USA contest, I suggested that the decalcification spots be strengthened and made invisible, her teeth be whitened, and the contours of her teeth be minimally contoured to perfect her smile. I know that many dentist would love to place 20 veneers on such a patient, but her teeth do not demonstrate fractures, wear, or unsightly spacing. In just over 2 hours, I was able to VERY CONSERVATIVELY perfect her smile—-in a completely painless manner and without the use of local anesthesia! First I improved the contours of the teeth by using some fine sandpaper discs to contour her teeth to their ideal shape. Secondly, I used ICON infilltrant resin made by DMG to penetrate the white spots in her teeth with a clear resin which BOTH STRENGTHENED AND MAKE THE WHITE SPOTS DISAPPEAR—-talk about a win-win; enhanced beauty, conservation of tooth structure, all at a reasonable cost, and in one visit. Unlike porcelain veneers, these teeth will not require future remakes because the clear infilltrant has become part of her tooth structure. The results were immediate and dramatic. If you go to my office Facebook page, you can see the immediate post-op photos. Before we dismissed her on that day, we made impressions for bleaching trays which will enable her to significantly lighten her teeth prior to her next pageant. I really do believe she will win. I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction to help someone dramatically enhance their smile in a manner which was tremendously more conservative than traditional porcelain veneers. Veneers can be great, but we as dentists are charged first to “do no harm.” I myself would rather have this non-invasive treatment opposed to something which would need to be periodically maintained throughout my life. I URGE ALL OF MY COLLEAGUES to constantly challenge themselves to learn and implement the most conservative means to treat their patients, while still meeting their restorative and esthetic needs. I just cannot believe how much progress dentistry has made over the 27 years since I started dental school. I love my profession!

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