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Dental Veneers: Are They the Right Choice for You?

November 16, 2015|  
Porcelain Veeners After
Porcelain Veneers applied by Mark J. Andrews DDS

If you aren’t happy with your smile, today’s cosmetic dentists have many types of treatment plans available. Dental veneers are one option for making your smile look beautiful. As with any treatment option, your dentist will talk to you about whether veneers are right for you. In the meantime, here are some facts about dental veneers that you should consider.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin pieces of a tooth-colored material, usually porcelain or resin, that cover the visible surface of your front teeth. Because they are so thin, they do not require the dentist to remove much tooth structure You can think of a veneer as being similar to an artificial fingernail; it sits on your natural tooth much like a fake nail sits on top of your natural nail.

Why Are Dental Veneers Used?

Some common reasons why a patient might want dental veneers include:

  • Having one or more discolored teeth.
  • Having a gap between the front teeth that can be closed with veneers.
  • Having a tooth or teeth that are chipped or worn down.

In other words, if you don’t like the way your front teeth look, dental veneers can help.

What Are Some Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers?

As with any other dental procedure, veneers may or may not be right for you. Only your dentist can tell you whether veneers are an appropriate treatment option for your particular case.

One advantage of veneers is that they are less invasive than a crown; the tooth will not have to have a lot of structure filed away in order to fit the veneer. They are available in many color options, so your dentist can choose one that matches the natural color of the surrounding teeth.

One disadvantage to having veneers placed is that the procedure is not reversible. If a veneer were to become damaged or fall out, you would need to have it replaced. Also, if your veneers are being placed for strictly cosmetic purposes, your dental insurance company might not cover them. This is something to discuss with your dental receptionist.

Talk to your dentist today to find out whether dental veneers are the right choice for you.

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