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Dr. Steven J. Card, DDS, MS

Former Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Endodontics
UNC at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry.

I am a retired dental specialist and worked with Dr. Andrews for over 15 years. He is an outstanding dentist. It has always been my philosophy that dentistry done right the first time is the best value for our patients. If you are seeking high quality dentistry done right you cannot go wrong with Dr. Andrews.


I’m originally from Cary North Carolina and moved to Phoenix about a year ago. I first came to Dr. Andrews just looking for a great dentist and the more I got to know him and build up a relationship of trust, I decided to have him do some work on my mouth and improve my smile. I remember I always used to kind of put my hands over my mouth a little bit because I had braces growing up and I just kept that habit from that. After having the work done on my mouth I just noticed I just didn’t do that anymore and it’s just wonderful not to feel like you have to cover up your mouth all the time. Dr Andrews …he’s just a perfectionist at what he does and he is the real deal and he’ll tell you like it is but he’ll do what he says he’s going to do.

Cassie AdcockProfessional Dancer & Fashion Model

I’ve never been afraid of the dentist, but who really looks forward to going to the dentist? Dr Andrews makes you feel right at home and natural. It’s so nice to be able to site and relax and have someone take care of you in a nice setting.


I live in Cary North Carolina and I came to Dr. Andrews to improve my smile and a lot more. He is fantastic, he’s caring he’s considerate, he’s good, he takes his time. Perfectionist is actually the first word that comes to my mind. Dr. Andrews recommended that I get braces–so before I was just always covering my mouth–my teeth. Now, although I may be obnoxious when I laugh, I’m happy doing it because I like everything about my teeth. He’s genuine, he’s honest, he really truly cares. I’m not just a number walking in, I’m Claudia and he cares about me. He cares about how I feel, he cares about my smile and he cares about my family. He’s interested in me as a person as oppose to, “well I think I know that patient.” He knows me. It’s just a really good feeling.


I’m from Cary North Carolina and I came to Mark Andrews to get a healthy smile. Before I went to Mark Andrews I was hesitant on giving a big smile and a big laugh. When I tried to smile I would just give you a little grin, but afterwards, now I just laugh with a full set of teeth. I feel confident and I just want to display my teeth–that I can smile again just like everybody else without worrying all the time. If you think you’re a strong person or even a big Hollywood superstar or a macho man, the thing is everybody hurts –it hurts. You can’t workout your teeth or gums no matter what. So, when you go to a dentist it’s going to hurt if you don’t have the right dentist. Knowing that you chose the right one, just like I did with Mark Andrews–it felt very comfortable. I felt like a baby again. I didn’t feel any pain and I felt really strong again.


I chose to work with Mark Andrews because he was the most convenient dentist in my area. Now, I know most of you don’t chose dentists because of convenience but I had heard some very good things about him in terms of his focus on really making sure that things are perfect and I wanted a perfect smile. My new smile makes me feel much younger and in this point of my life that’s something that I’m looking for. With my new front teeth, I definitely feel more confident about my smile. When I was very young I chipped my front teeth and had bonding and that worked for a little while but always was a bit off. And now, I feel just terrific. Dr. Andrews always does what it takes to make things perfect. It only takes a few moments with him to know that he really focuses on being sure that things are done right because he takes pride in my smile, maybe even more than I do.


I live in Cary North Carolina and I came to Dr. Andrews to discuss my options for my new smile. I wanted to discuss veneers but he thought I was too young to cut all my teeth and suggested getting braces. My new smile makes me feel very confident. When I was a teenager I had basically a ghost tooth. It looked like I had a missing tooth and I just hated it. I was so self conscious about it in any pictures. Ever since I got them fixed I’ve just been incredibly happy with the way my pictures turn out, the way the shadow doesn’t hide the tooth anymore and it’s just made a load of difference with my confidence level and in my smile and speaking with people. What I like best about Dr. Andrews’ office is the family feel. Since day one walking in there, I felt like I could just talk to them about anything –tell them any concerns that I had, whether it be dental related or life related, and I’m very, very happy with that and I’m much more confident in my smile.

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