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I’m from Cary North Carolina and I came to Mark Andrews to get a healthy smile. Before I went to Mark Andrews I was hesitant on giving a big smile and a big laugh. When I tried to smile I would just give you a little grin, but afterwards, now I just laugh with a full set of teeth. I feel confident and I just want to display my teeth–that I can smile again just like everybody else without worrying all the time. If you think you’re a strong person or even a big Hollywood superstar or a macho man, the thing is everybody hurts –it hurts. You can’t workout your teeth or gums no matter what. So, when you go to a dentist it’s going to hurt if you don’t have the right dentist. Knowing that you chose the right one, just like I did with Mark Andrews–it felt very comfortable. I felt like a baby again. I didn’t feel any pain and I felt really strong again.

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