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I live in Cary North Carolina and I came to Dr. Andrews to discuss my options for my new smile. I wanted to discuss veneers but he thought I was too young to cut all my teeth and suggested getting braces. My new smile makes me feel very confident. When I was a teenager I had basically a ghost tooth. It looked like I had a missing tooth and I just hated it. I was so self conscious about it in any pictures. Ever since I got them fixed I’ve just been incredibly happy with the way my pictures turn out, the way the shadow doesn’t hide the tooth anymore and it’s just made a load of difference with my confidence level and in my smile and speaking with people. What I like best about Dr. Andrews’ office is the family feel. Since day one walking in there, I felt like I could just talk to them about anything –tell them any concerns that I had, whether it be dental related or life related, and I’m very, very happy with that and I’m much more confident in my smile.

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