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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic procedure that restores brightness to teeth, producing potentially dramatic results in about four weeks. Quite Simply -often the difference between a good smile and a great smile is the brightness of the teeth. Dr. Andrews, DDS offers teeth whitening in Cary that consistently produces breathtaking results and helps you achieve the bright smile you deserve.

At Dr. Andrews’ office, all teeth Whitening procedures start with accurate impressions of your teeth. A skilled auxiliary then makes precise models and designs custom- fit whitening trays. We ensure that our patients are fully trained on how to achieve the best results while minimizing the likelihood of any side effects. Solutions are used from 30 minutes to 6 hours at a time, depending on their strength. Be careful to follow the regimen that was designed by Dr. Mark Andrews just for you, especially if your smile poses a complex challenge.

Although both at-home and in-office treatments exist, Dr. Andrews generally prefers the at- home whitening method. Proven to be as effective as in-office treatments, at-home whitening costs less and does not cause the sensitivity associated with in-office treatment. Dr. Andrews DDS provides custom-made trays and peroxide gel for at-home whitening. The process, which gained popularity in the 1980′s, was pioneered by Dr. Andrews former professor and dentist, Dr. Van Haywood.

Excellent oral hygiene and professional cleanings performed on a regular basis help prolong the life of the teeth whitening treatment. Avoidance of heavily colored foods such as red wine, beets, raspberries, cranberry juice, purple grape juice, dark tea, black coffee and tobacco smoking, allow patients to maximize the benefits of the teeth whitening solutions. Periodic touchup treatments can be helpful for whitening teeth, too.

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