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Implant Restoration

Dental implant restoration is a predictable, aesthetic, and long-lasting service used to replace missing teeth when proper case selection is utilized. This process requires surgical placement of titanium dental implants below gum line so that they will fuse to the supporting bone Dr. Mark Andrews has restored dental implants for over twenty years and had an impeccable track record in terms of restoration longevity and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Andrews works with specialists called periodontists to place dental implants for his patients.  Once the previously mentioned osseointegration has occurred, Dr. Andrews makes impressions which allow for fabrication of crowns, bridges, and custom abutments. Dr. Andrews and his experienced ceramist are focused on accomplishing precise dental work which restores both function and optimize aesthetics.

Dr. Andrews uses the Branemark Systems by Nobel Biocare as his implant system of choice. These systems are considered the “gold standard” in dental implant restoration because of their documented success in long-term peer reviewed literature.

Dr. Andrews also works with an exceptional ceramist who engineers the components and restorations to provide both impeccable fit, function, and aesthetics.

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