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Cerec Crowns

CEREC Connect is the world’s largest digital dental network, giving CEREC dentists access to thousands of lab owners and technicians throughout the country. As a CEREC dentist in Cary NC, Dr. Andrews, DDS is able to offer his patients superior service for their implants and dental work. This advanced technology produces digital impressions which will save valuable time while also increasing patient comfort. The CEREC camera produces the most precise and fastest digital impressions. Immune to dimensional changes, CEREC digital impressions result in superior precision, a prerequisite for sustained quality.

Dr. Mark Andrews as a CEREC dentist is able to receive direct feedback from dental technicians by immediate viewing digital impressions allowing both parties to discuss cases over the phone, while patients are still in the office. No more multiple trips for measurements and fittings.

CEREC is the most advanced, computerized dental technology in the world. CEREC allows Dr. Mark Andrews to create precise, color-matched ceramic fillings, crowns, veneers, inlays…most of the restorations you will ever need, sometimes, in one appointment. Please note that some CEREC Crowns are made in one appointment, while others are done in two in office visits so that the health of the gum is ideal at permanent cementation and the patient isn’t “stuck” in the chair an excessive amount of time.

Creating beautiful smiles is not just Dr. Andrews’ job it’s his passion! From prevention to total cosmetic smile makeovers, the office of Dr. Andrews has the technology and experience to deliver the care, comfort and convenience you want. We love technology but we never forget that while technology is about teeth; at Dr. Mark Andrews we are all about you.

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