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Do You Believe These Dental Myths?

There is a lot of folklore when it comes to health topics, and dental topics are no exception. Take a look at this list of common dental myths and see how many you believe!

Bleeding Gums Means You Need to Brush or Floss Less

Nope! The opposite is true, actually. Most of the time, bleeding gums mean that you’re not brushing or flossing effectively enough. It’s a sign of gingivitis, which is the earliest stage of periodontal disease. Don’t let this symptom go; see your dentist to get on a better oral hygiene regimen.

Pregnant Women Should Not See the Dentist

During pregnancy, hormonal changes can make the gums swell and this can make women more prone to gingivitis and tooth decay under the gumline. There is some evidence that gingivitis can be correlated with preterm labor. It’s safe to have most dental procedures done when you are pregnant. Care will be taken to minimize the use of x-rays, but you should see your dentist for a cleaning during your second trimester.

Children Don’t Need to See the Dentist Until Age 3

This is another fallacy. It’s best if babies see the dentist when their first tooth erupts. You can just ask your dentist if you can bring your baby during your next cleaning so the dentist can take a look when they are very small. After that, seeing the dentist every six months by the time your baby is a year old is the best way to minimize the chances that problems will go unaddressed.

Dental X-Rays Are Dangerous

The amount of radiation you’re exposed to from dental x-rays is minute. In fact, a full-mouth series, which most adults have every three to five years, is about the same amount of radiation as you’d experience on a short (two-hour) airplane flight. This amount is reduced when you wear a lead apron over your midsection.

Were you fooled by any of these dental myths? If you have questions about your dental care, please give us a call and ask!

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